Saturday, July 17, 2010

pintu suka hati masa lepas

feel like writing something.

logged in to my facebook and there it was a friend request from someone I used to know. Not a gadis manis this time but just a boy from my past.took me no longer than a second to notice his face. I couldn't remember his name though for I believe he is using his real name on his FB account. still trying hard to remember the name I used to call him before for I had known him to a different name but sure as heaven it is not a mistake that he is the boyI knew for his face is as sweet as before and boy I'm glad he's doing fine now.

I had a chance to know him when I was in a relationship with his sister years ago. He was just a little boy back then. Young, naive and ever eager to show his sister's friend what a great company he could be when he's around. I remember we had a good time together everytime we met and he was very cheerful back then (hope that he still is). I didn't notice this but looking back I always had this fun feeling when he was around us. He seemed genuinely love theatre and all those plays me and his sister were involved during our university days.

hehehe sounds cheesy and almost dangerously attracting negative connotation kan?

when I looked at his profile just now I smiled and a sudden pang of jealously hit me for I understand that with all those memories I have with him and his sister. I can consider myself unlucky for not being able to see him growing up and see him becoming the man that he almost become presently. but nonetheless, I am happy that he turned up good and am happy that I know him even it is in the past. I am blessed still.

it's funny to think how people that we think were not so significant at times in the past turned out to be outrageously significant today. Me and his sister might not have what we used to have in the past and that the situation and the whole story of us may now turned out so different but I guess somethings will never change and I think that is just awesome.

owh I also saw the nieces aswell. they were just babies the last time i saw them. now dah almost jadi anak dara pon.hahahaha. I remember them sleeping beside me in the car during the ride to KTM their mom gave us after we visit them at their lovely house.gile rase bakal ayoh yang hebak mase tu.hohoho....those were the memories kan~hahaha.