Monday, July 21, 2008

laporan minggu

life is fun now that I, finally manage to move in into my own condo at Sri Gombak. The Gardenia Court of Sri Gombak is situated on top of the hill of...emmm...gombak?facing the whole view of Gombak and selayang. if you ask me, i would definately tell you that Gardenia is one heck of a cool place to live at.

Now the 'housies' according to singkong are me, nik, syed and mar'iee but since said is abroad that means three of us jek la. joe is still considering to move in and had told us hinself that meybe next month pindah here. menarikla sbb the more the merrier kan??? i'm still waiting for Sarip to come so if the plan goes well we will have 6 great people lah in the house.satu bilik 2 orang. satu bilik satu couple..ewwww..couple paling hot is nik and mar'iee.

YEay!!! bwekkkk.

me, nik, singkong and joe kuar last sunday night to watch our movie marathon.plan asal nak tengok Dark knight tapi since DK start pukul 2.30 and we arrived at about 11 so we decided to watch other movie first. I ended up watching hell boy ALONE for the first time of my freaking life since those three jerks nak tengok Red cliffs together. all in all one great new experience lah. really??? saper nak jadik gf saye and tengok movie samer2????haiiihhhh.

DK was awesome. Joker was sangat hebat! way better than Jack Nicholson punye version and the late Heath leadger, i must say letak bar yang sangat tinggi nak mampos(irony) to the future Jokers. he has truly put himself to a great route of legendary actors of hollywood dengan mematikan diri die di kemuncak lakonan. memang hebat!!!

lecturing is fun! still learning but with fun.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Awkward but I had a hell lot of fun!!

I started my dawn with a very strange feeling up my stomach. For a second I thought that life was such a comedy it plays such a wondrous sweet nightmare again and again that was monday morning when I woke up from my deep sleepless night and was about to face my day with a fact that I am now a lecturer and my utmost priority is to educate young minds.

the first week was a very hectic period of time since out of the sudden blue I was blown away with so many new things that I have to deal with as a lecturer. honestly, I never thought being a lecturer can be so tunggang langgang...or maybe that just me.kottt?

I got 12 teaching hours per week and I must say I was a little bit dissapointed since I was so much anticipated to at least earn like 16 to 20 hours a week. nonetheless I guess I am pretty much new with it, kire fairla kan???and plus mama pun cakap I should just cope with it and try to make use of my hours as a basic training ground for my future hours.

the kids were okay though some of them kadang2 agak annoying and irritating at times but what the heck right?I was just like them during my uia times I guess life's fair. plus I get to learn a thing or two about grammar and stuffs back:P

I just hope I can turn out to be as good as any other lecturers are and of course I just hope I can be as much good as my father is as a teacher.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Royal Malaysia Sarkas sudah kembali!!!

So here goes again. the great Malaysia Circus is Back!!!!

I try to stop myself from writing things on politics not because I'm ignorant nor because I don't give a crap about it. I refuse to write things on politics simply because I think there are hundreds of bloggers out there who are miles better than me in terms of writing or passing their judgement on politics. however, make no mistake about it because my perspective on it, is perhaps as critical as theirs and politics has always be the interest of my judgement. I just feel that now I don't have to blurt all things out yet for when I read other comments made by my fellow bloggers I feel that their judgement was as much as in the same brain hemisphere as I and thus make thing easier for me as to not weigh my own perspective. I guess no one wants to read the same thing twice aite??

therefore, when I started to write this, I realised that many people failed to see this whole incident the way I see it. though I am fully disagree with this latest disgrace act of allegation made to DSAI, I made a promise to myself that I will not be too emotional on this case and maybe, sometimes it makes no harm at all to pass a little judgment that not quite as 'sane' as other's. As a matter of fact, if only you see as I see, perhaps youl'll understand.

this whole sodomy what not incident has truly made Malaysia the biggest royal sarkas of all time. with DSAI, that 0.8 saifool guy, najib, pak lah and bla..bla..bla acting as the main royal clowns, it is hard for me not to view it as one great epic drama of all time (sequel to that 98 released). think about you know that all of us now are atleast witnessing the making of one great twitch of film reel that will soon be the greatest history of Malaysia??this whole thing is like the making of the movie JAWS by spielberg or Star Wars by Lucas. isn't it Romantic???

in 10 to at least 900 years time, there will be millions of version of today's episode and we as the sons and daughters of today will have the first hand privilage to tell the future generation that we were here when it started..

I love watching hollywood political-thriller-drama movies such as enemy of the states, negotiator etc...because the excitement of waiting the conspiracy what not to unfold itself or often through it's hero. Usually in those hollywood movies, reality is not much obliged but rather the element of romanticism was positively hailed. therefore we see the element of heroism or machoism and that inspires us or at least make us feel the glow of our heart in wanting to give a thumb's up to the hero. if the same element of romanticism put in today's mediocrity of this great sarkas, don't you think that what we felt when watching those hollywood movies can be felt now?? can't you see how romantic this whole incident is???