Monday, March 31, 2008

MOhd Fauzi Sirat tunang.hahahaha

Congratulations My BRo!!!!

last night was a surprise for me and it was not because Mawi won the ABPBH 07. Frankly I did not even give a coin about the ceremony. I watched it for like 30 mins and then...YAwn! the only thing that had successfully manage to caught my attention was Liza Hanim's performance which I think pretty interesting. Meet Uncle Hussein was quite good but probably could do better ( nervous kot???)

But no! that's not what I wanted to say though. I had a surprise call from mama and she told me that my brother is getting engaged in two weeks time. Ya Allah! macam tak percaya pulak yang die...Finally! dah nak bertunang. well, actually he has been talking about it for months but we all seemed kind of tak percaya sangat. and to think about it, me and him were just talking on the phone last two days and he did not even mention anything about it. now tetibe nak bertunang plak.hahahaha

my brother is really are a legend when it comes to commitment. that's why i found it difficult to believe it. he is like the playboy among romeos and as far as I can remember, He never stays with anyone for long. but yes, he and Linda have being together for some quite of time now
but still mase dengan Linda pun ramai jek awek die yang lain? sometimes, between me and him, i feel like I am the elder sebab macam aku jek yang slalu tegur die especially when mama dah tak larat nak cakap kat die.

me and him are really closed since we were kecik2. for me, he is my best friend and my first friend mase kecik2 dulu. I used to follow him and befriended his friends. those were the days when they called me 'Kecik' as I was the smallest among them. so mase tu sume benda jahat yang budak kecik tak patut buat aku buatla sebab geng ngan orang besar. I still remember when he became somewhat like the gang leader of NAKAL The 3rd ( Gang kongsi gelap Kota Tinggi) at the age of just 16 I had the privilege to taste his power too since I was fully covered by his gangs and later I, too became the youngest member among them.hohoho mase tu kuat gilerla sebab dieorg sangat, no?

but of course, there were times when he had difficulties in life as many of us do. his split up with his most precious girl and the times he spent kat H.G dulu2 probably antara tragedies dalam idup die and truly sume tu affect us as a family. alhamdulillah eventually sume tu selesai.

so I will definitely be going back another 2 weeks so I can witness his special day and perhaps finally see the downfall of the famous seducer in the form of Fauzi Sirat.

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